Star Discipline System

Thinking Cap Workshop developed this discipline system to help communicate daily to parents on their child's behavior.

Our strategy focuses on the on the importance of positive behavior by rewarding children with one of four different color stars on order to draw attention to the desired behavior.

This system promotes self-discipline and responsibility.

The Star Discipline System contains:

  • 8" X 12" Star Behavior poster describing to parents each colored star's meaning. Another feature of each star is the facial  expression which indicates to children in a simplified manner what the stars mean.
  • 8" X 12" Rules poster describes simple rules to implement in a classroom.
  • Star Behavior tickets reproducible sheets.
  • Parent letters explaining the benefits of using The Star Behavior Discipline System. 
  • Rewards Goal reproducible sheets to pass out to parents to aid in their child's positive behavior goal.
  • Teacher instruction on how to implement the system.
  • Teacher Tips. 

$19.95 + shipping & handling


The Star Discipline System is easily understood by children and parents. It is easy to implement in a behavior plan for home use. Because it is easy to use. it makes it easy to follow through and be consistent with our children.

Karen Green-mother of four children, three girls and one boy in San Angelo, Texas

 I completely love the Star Discipline System! It allows for consistency for my child and appropriate behavior. He is 4 years old and understands that the colors and faces communicate to me what his day was like.

I determine his at home privileges based on his behavior at school or day care. he knows what to expect at home. We use the system at home and during the weekend at grandma's house.-Consistency! 

Kelly Mojovich-mother of one son in San Angelo, Texas